Dried Flowers Floral Geometric Charm Gold Plated Bracelet

Elevate your wrist with our Floral Geometric Charm Bracelet, featuring an array of different types of dried flowers encapsulated in clear resin. The intricate and varied blooms form a captivating floral geometric charm, accentuated by a gold-plated stainless steel chain. This lightweight and elegant bracelet seamlessly combines the beauty of different dried flowers with modern aesthetics, creating a charming accessory for a touch of nature-inspired sophistication. Material: Dried flowers, resin, gold plated stainless steel Length: 175mm + 70mm / 6.89 in + 2.75 in During the curing process of resin, there may be a small amount of tiny bubbles, which is a normal phenomenon. If you mind this, please do not purchase. Thank you!
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