Boho Rattan Phone Stand - Ivory and Caramel - Final Sale

$9.99 $19.99

Haven't tried a phone stand before? You'll never know how much you needed one until you have one! Each woven rattan piece is handmade with 100% natural rattan so that makes each one of the rattan pieces unique in its own way.

There may be a slight variation of its color, pattern and size, but don't worry, these variations are slight. Your piece will be unique to you! 

  • Color : Caramel or Ivory
  • Size: Regular - approx. 1.5" / Large: - approx. 2"
  • Bottom Color: White

 *Our product is not associated with the Popsocket brand

We offer free shipping on our phone stands as well 

Instructions for applying the boho phone stand ✨
Here are few key tips!

⋒ Always wipe your phone case first even if the case is new! Sometimes dust on new phone cases may prevent the phone stand from sticking well.

⋒ A scissor or any sharp object works 10 times better than using your fingers when flipping an edge up. Once an edge is flipped, peeling the entire film off will be a lot easier.

⋒ Only pull the phone stand when it has sit for 10 minutes AND a phone is in the case! Do not pull the phone stand without having a phone in the case.

By following the tips above, your boho phone stand and case should stick together really well✨

Rattan Color:

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